Dream Vegan has joined vKind!

vKind makes it simple and easy for everyone from vegans to veg-curious to find and support businesses and professionals offering products, services, and experiences that are cruelty-free, healthy, and

Together let's build the VegEconomy®!

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Why Dream Vegan joined vKind

Bottom line, together we make a larger impact!

I had a dream to create Dream Vegan with the goal to highlight vegan businesses and create one online community to connect others to vegan businesses. We grew to showcase and support hundreds of businesses.

While exploring vegan supported businesses I came across a company that had the same passion - vKind! They have an amazing website + app and were totally in alignment with my original dream. They have THOUSANDS of vegan businesses and professionals to search and it just made sense to combine our efforts for the greater good!

I'm sure you'll love vKind as much as I do and can't wait to see you on the platform!

Achieving the Dream of a VegEconomy® together,

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